Programme iWavex 2021

Poster Session

  1. Luiza Torres-Nunes: Effects of whole-body vibration exercise on sleep disorders and clinical parameters in children with Down Syndrome: a pilot study
  2. Alessandro dos Santos Pin: WBV contributions in cerebral palsy children’s motor function
  3. Maria Korman: Stimulate to learn: An advantage in motor learning for young adults with ADHD when afforded background vibratory stimulation
  4. Regina Dantas Jales De Oliveira: Effect of Whole-body vibration exercises on bone mineral density and in quality of life of post-menopause women: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial
  5. Alessandro dos Santos Pin: WBV and nervous system: clinical effects
  6. Gargi Ahuja: Understanding the molecular basis of the effects of WBV on Parkinson’s Disease pathology at a cellular level
  7. Bruno Bessa Monteiro-Oliveira: Acute effects of whole-body vibration exercise on flexibility in individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: preliminary findings
  8. Eliane De Oliveira Guedes De Aguiar: Effect of whole-body vibration exercise on anterior trunk flexion and perceived exertion in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: an acute intervention
  9. Aline Reis Silva: Whole-body vibration exercises could be a strategy to improve body composition and health metabolic in obese individuals? Preliminary results
  10. Ana Carolina Coelho-Oliveira: Could whole-body vibration exercise modify the uric acid concentration in individuals with metabolic syndrome? Preliminary results
  11. Aline Cristina Gomes Santos: Analysis of the pain level during 5-week of whole-body vibration exercise: preliminary findings
  12. Tobias Stephan Kaeding: Whole-body vibration training as a minimal preventive intervention in workplace health promotion: experience from practical studies and a best practice project
  13. Christy Donata: Whole-body vibration as a therapeutic intervention for sleep deprivation: An exploratory study
  14. EMS Geerts: Whole body vibration improves Alzheimer’s disease pathology in the J20 mouse model
  15. Ana Clara de Souza Freitas: Whole body vibration and cognition: a systematic review of the effects and possible therapeutic uses
  16. Alessandro dos Santos Pin: Medical Applications of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) – Review
  17. Tamás Oroszi: Whole Body Vibration, an effective intervention strategy for postoperative recovery?
  18. Sofia Tamini: Effects of whole body vibration and maximal voluntary contractions on growth hormone (GH) isoforms in obese adolescents
  19. Rondinele Santos da Silva: Effects of the mechanical vibration generated on a vibrating platform in the section injuries of biceps brachial total and partial caused by opening ribbon of the windows in military airway activity