WAVEX: World Association of Vibration Exercise Experts
WAVEX is a world association of all researchers interested in the potential of whole body
vibration (WBV) for physical and mental health. During WBV a vibration source (usually a platform) transfers mechanical vibrations to the body of a subject standing or sitting on that platform. Numerous studies on WBV exist examining the potential harms of undergoing strong and erratic vibrations (the so-called bad vibrations). However, another side of WBV are the mild vibrations, around 30 Hz and with limited amplitude (low-intensity vibrations). These could be considered as “good vibrations”. As the “bad vibrations” are potentially around the corner when applying WBV, one of the aims of this conference is to start setting up guidelines for safe and optimal use of WBV. Another aim of the conference is to inform each other about the newest developments in the field, and to share new ideas and insights.
Member of WAVEX
Becoming (and being) a member of WAVEX is free of costs. The organizers of the 4nd International WAVEX Meeting invite all of you interested in WBV and its application to join WAVEX. Your name, email address and affiliation will then be added to the list of members, and you will receive messages about activities relevant to WBV.
Members: World Association of Vibration Exercise Experts (WAVEX)